HR Investigation Services 

In the majority of organizations, the task of conducting internal investigations into allegations of employee misconduct typically falls to the HR or Employee Relations department. Unfortunately, not all HR professionals who have been given these responsibilities are properly equipped to undertake them. Additionally, even with HR professionals who have the capability to conduct an investigation, the issue of bias often arises. In larger organizations, Employee Relations teams are generally tasked with conducting investigations into serious allegations such as harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and the HR team is generally tasked with navigating Employee Relations’ conflicts and departmental issues. However, in small to medium size organizations there often isn’t the luxury of a dedicated Employee Relations team and HR is left to juggle a myriad of responsibilities on top of handling an investigation. That is where we come in at RPC. 

We are a licensed private investigations agency in the State of Florida and work as external investigators to help you conduct investigations into allegations of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, bullying, conflict of interest, FMLA abuse, and other types of employee misconduct. 

How we work with our clients:

Step 1: Establish a relationship: We first begin with a no-obligation conference call or in-person meeting to discuss the case.

Step 2: Case Assessment: We will ask a lot of fact-finding questions to determine if we are the best fit for you to work as an external investigator on your case. We will also assess if the case can be worked virtually or if the case will require an investigator to work on-site or at various sites.

Step 3: Engaging our Investigative Services: 

Our investigators are all seasoned professionals, either licensed private investigators or labor and employment law attorneys. All of our investigators have been conducting investigations for more than 25 years.

The cost to hire an external investigator depends upon numerous factors, such as the location(s) to where an investigator must travel, the number of parties involved, whether or not the case is based in the U.S., if surveillance assistance will be needed, if multiple investigators will be needed on the case, as well as simply the type of case and the complexity.

Generally speaking, HR and employee relations’ cases involving allegations of harassment or discrimination, the average employee relations’ case, such as a sexual harassment case, is approximately 30-40 hours. Our billable hourly rate is $325 per hour, prorated to the quarter hour. So, a 30-hour case is $9,750.  However, more complex cases require more hours of investigation. For cases that may only take an investigator a day or so to wrap up, the cost may be less than $3,500.  So, there are many factors that affect the cost for hiring an external investigator.  However, our initial consultations are always complimentary and after that we can determine which of our investigators is a fit for the case. We then provide a cost breakout and prepare an investigative services agreement.

We are happy to discuss your situation and determine the best way to help you manage your employee relations’ issues. In some instances, we may be able to simply offer you a few hours of advice and guidance so you can manage the case on your own. Through our HR On-Call Service, we have many smaller employers who find this option fits with their budget.

For more information, please contact us at or give us a call at (800) 517-7129.

For more info about our HR On-Call service, please click here: HR On-Call